Midwest Core

Resources Market Infrastructure Policy

Resources: A measure of total energy production and consumption per capita

Market: The cost of consumption, measured in electricity prices and gasoline taxes

Infrastructure: Capacity to generate and refine energy sources; miles of pipelines

Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant

The Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant outside of Bridgman, Michigan, is the state's largest nuclear facility. The plant produces enough electricity to meet the needs of a city of 1.25 million people.

The Port of Duluth-Superior

The Port of Duluth-Superior transports coal from Wyoming and Montana to the East through the Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence Seaway system. Petroleum products and coal are also shipped from Wisconsin ports along the Upper Mississippi River System.

Indiana's Whiting oil refinery

Whiting oil refinery has the largest processing capacity—about 413,000 barrels per day—of any refinery outside the Gulf Coast Hub.

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