Appalachian Coal Belt

Resources Market Infrastructure Policy

Resources: A measure of total energy production and consumption per capita

Market: The cost of consumption, measured in electricity prices and gasoline taxes

Infrastructure: Capacity to generate and refine energy sources; miles of pipelines

CAPP Delivery Zone

Kentucky is part of the Central Appalachian (CAPP) coal delivery zone, an area along the Ohio and Big Sandy rivers where coal from the region is bought and sold under spot and futures contracts.

Norfolk, Virginia Seaport

The seaport in Norfolk, Virginia, is America's largest coal exporting facility. It processed more than 38% of U.S. coal exports in 2012.

Diminishing Coal Production

Tennessee's coal production peaked in 1972 at about 11 million tons and has fallen considerably since then. The state produced 1.1 million tons of coal in 2013—a fraction of a percent of the nation's total coal output.

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