Marcellus States

Resources Market Infrastructure Policy

Resources: A measure of total energy production and consumption per capita

Market: The cost of consumption, measured in electricity prices and gasoline taxes

Infrastructure: Capacity to generate and refine energy sources; miles of pipelines

New York Harbor

The New York Harbor is a logistics hub for refined petroleum products from the Gulf Coast (which arrive by pipeline), from abroad (which arrived by tanker) and from refineries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

A Natural Gas Surge

More natural gas processing plants are being constructed or expanded in north central West Virginia to separate the dry methane part of the gas stream from the ethane, butane, propane and pentane, which are collectively known as natural gas liquid.

Economic Benefits

Much of the increase in production is from the Marcellus shale region in or near eastern Ohio, which is a boon for a state that is one of the top 10 natural gas-consuming states in the nation.

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